New Easy-FORK Vision System with front camera and laser

New Easy-FORK Vision System with front camera and laser

BOLZONI presents a further option to increase the material handling accuracy: Easy-FORK Vision System with front camera and laser.

Thanks to the laser beam and to the front mounted camera, the operator has a clear view of the fork tips and is able to easily pick up the pallet, preventing accidental collisions with possible obstacles.

The laser, mounted on the frame, projects a horizontal linear beam with an angle of 90 degrees aligned to the points of the forks. This pointing device allows the driver to have the correct reference to precisely place the forks in the pallet pockets, and to also identify the forks encumbrance during maneuvers.

The high quality front mounted camera is a great help to forklift truck driver during loading and unloading operations, particularly when moving pallets at high levels on shelves.
The front camera is positioned on top of a central support in a configuration, that allows both camera and laser installation.

Thanks to the camera position, the driver can have a clear view on both fork tips, in the majority of operating conditions, with horizontal 120°view angle and vertical 52° view angle, while maintaining the correct ergonomic position on the seat.

This robust camera is waterproof (IP69K) and highly vibration resistant up to 10 G and 100 G shock resistant.
Furthermore, this light color camera is equipped with 6 IR leds to enable a perfect vision even in low light environments.

Among the Easy-FORK Vision System solutions, the front camera is particularly suitable for side shifting and fork positioning heavy-duty applications.

High-resolution images are displayed on a 7-inch monitor installed inside the driver cabin. The connection between camera and monitor can be wireless or through a reinforced cable and cable-reel.
The system is also provided with an indication of “depth”: looking at the screen the driver has the perception of the distance between forks and pallet.

This device is particularly useful in case of low light environment, as the system integrates on the screen a fix reference, aligned with the tip of the forks, providing a landmark during the picking up phase.

These Vision Systems are well performing, even in case of extremely cold and hot temperatures.
In fact, in case of sudden changes in temperature, the electric anti-fog system automatically comes into operation, providing a clear image to the driver.

For more information on Easy-FORK Vision System with front camera and laser or to organize a demo unit at your facilities, get in touch with Lorenzo Masoni, Easy-FORK Vision System Specialist inside the Bolzoni Group.

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