Creating aluminium with the RC-F Rotator

Creating aluminium with the RC-F Rotator

Bolzoni has recently delivered more than 70 units rotator, model RC-F, designed for the foundry applications in the metal industry.
The units have been delivered to a leading producer of aluminum, who has 43 factories in 5 continents and a large need to rotate and to empty containers with melted metals.

The customer group counts on its own resource base, carrying out the entire production cycle, from the bauxite extraction to the production of finished goods, such as billets, wire rods and car wheels. The yearly output is of about 3700 mln tons of aluminium.

The handling and emptying of containers with molten metals in safe conditions require robust material handling equipment, resistant to high temperatures and designed for heavy-duty applications.
Besides the standard revolving carriage functions, the RC-F rotator has special features, to stand the challenging foundry environment and processing cycles.

The foundry RC-F Series rotator is equipped with a special steel plate, to protect the rotator motor and hoses. The rotating device rubber ring is protected and insulated to prevent any dirt penetration.

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