Bolzoni Silver Line: the reliable and cost-effective attachment range

Bolzoni Silver Line: the reliable and cost-effective attachment range

In current market environment, the rise in energy, raw materials and transport costs have a significant impact on profit margins. In most of the material handling sectors to increase profitability by reducing operating costs is possible, taking strategic choices, even when equipping a forklift truck fleet.
In facts, while some handling applications are quite demanding and require highly customized industrial equipment, in a large amount of other cases the priority is to have the forklift fleet fitted with standard, affordable and extremely durable equipment.
In this case the Bolzoni Group get you covered with Silver Line, the range of reliable and cost-effective forklift truck attachments, suitable for applications in many industries, in particular where there is the need of easy-to-maintain equipment.

Ideal for Rental Fleet
This range is ideal for short usage attachment needs, in rental fleet and for any rental business, in order to optimize the return on investment or to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership.

Bolzoni Silver Line range: brand new attachments at a competitive price, with a 3-years warranty
The Bolzoni Silver Line range opens vast opportunities for businesses seeking to reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO) while maintaining strong performances.
Recently, a customer of ours contacted us, in need to equip his forklift truck fleet with fork clamps.
As one of the needs expressed by the customer was to respect a tight budget, he first opted for used equipment. Nevertheless, after evaluating the best option together with our experienced team, he decided to purchase a brand-new fork clamps fleet, of the Silver Line range: attachments have been delivered in a short time and at a very convenient price.
The first and main reason why the customer chose the product has been the 3-years warranty. In facts, all Silver Line attachments are covered by a 36 months warranty period, or 6.000 work hours, whichever comes first.

Silver Line durable and cost-effective attachment
The range has been designed to offer a selection of highly standardized equipment, produced in series, to meet the most common handling situations. These technical features allow to offer cost-effective products without limiting performances.
The Silver Line attachments range, first introduced in 2015, has now been enlarged to cover most material handling needs: it includes bale clamp, fork clamp, paper roll clamp, carton clamp, multi-purpose clamp and 360-degree rotating pallet fork clamp.
Most of the Silver Line products are available at the Bolzoni Group warehouses, located worldwide. These are the perfect solution to face sudden shortages and to avoid any down-time.

Increased protection for harsh environment
For companies involved in the handling of waste paper, textiles, or other baled products, having a robust and performing attachment which endures the task is essential. In these situations, the environment can be very harsh: objects might damage moving or hydraulic components, causing down time and efficiency drop.
The Bolzoni LC-G Silver Line bale clamp is extremely robust and is the ideal equipment to limit costs, without limiting performances.

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