In today’s industries there is a growing demand for handling materials quickly, efficiently and at low cost.

Forklift attachment manufacturer Bolzoni Auramo has recently introduced SILVER LINE. This new range of reliable and cost-effective bale clamps and pallet fork clamps is suitable for applications in many industries, particularly where lift truck operators require low cost attachments that are user-friendly without compromising performance.

Available in II and III mounting classes, the bale clamps model LC-G and the pallet fork clamps model LC-H include capacities and openings suitable to cover the majority of material handling requirements.
Together with the robust design for heavy-duty applications and the excellent visibility, granting safe and easy handling operations, the SILVER LINE clamps offer great benefits to the operators:

Long life and long service intervals:
• Combination of proven and high tensile
• Aluminium profiles with new wear resistant plastic inserts.
• No wear on aluminium profiles.
• Symmetrical borings in aluminium profiles and symmetrical plastic inserts.
• Higher sliding speed with lower grease requirement.

Simple and quick exchange of wear parts:
• Plastic bushings inserted from the side without removing clamp arms.
• Aluminium profiles with commercial hexagonal bolts, no special tools required.

Cost-effective: a new clamp at the price of a used one:
• High volume production of dedicated range of capacities and openings resulting in manufacturing savings.
• New cost-effective components – such as aluminium profiles, cylinders and wear parts – and optimized manufacturing processes.

Due to technical performances, affordable price and prompt delivery, shortly after their introduction, the SILVER LINE clamps are already appreciated by the market. As an example Bolzoni-Auramo (Wuxi), our operation in China, has just received an order for 9 bale clamps 3,2 ton capacity from an important paper producer located in Jining city, Shandong province.

The SILVER LINE clamps complement the already extensive range of Bolzoni Auramo attachments suitable for safe, efficient and damage-free handling of all types of loads, allowing forklift operators to extend the application field, the versatility and the performance of their lift trucks.

The SILVER LINE clamps are available! Please contact your nearest Bolzoni Auramo representative.

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