New enlarged fork positioner range for Bolzoni Auramo, for forklift trucks ISO Class IV, able to increase work safety in the warehousing logistic and industrial operations.

Clean design, large visibility: the Bolzoni Auramo MZ Series fork positioners increase the range of capacity up to 5.500 kg and 6.500 kg in ISO Class IV. Designed to provide a practical solution for a variety of handling operations and pallet sizes, this fork positioner is recommended for all distribution, warehousing logistic and industrial operations.

In facts, while the hydraulic fork positioning makes it possible to adjust the fork opening to varying pallet size, without leaving the driver’s seat, the sideshift improves handling operation, with less fork lift truck manoeuvres, reducing the possible damage to pallets.

The Bolzoni Auramo MZ Series fork positioner is especially recommended for pallet handling and wide load operations, in distribution centers, warehousing, forwarding companies, paper industry, industrial logistic operations and in many more demanding applications.
The fork carriers, fitting the standard lift truck forks, are actuated by two hydraulic cylinders, sliding on a tropicalized guide, ensuring fast, smooth and accurate fork positioning.
The wide central window in the sideshifter offers excellent visibility, very useful when handling a variety of pallets and loading/unloading vehicles.
Furthermore, the installation of different fork types is possible by a simple adjustment, and the original forklift load backrest can be easily fitted on the fork positioner.

The new models fitting on high capacity forklift are equipped with rollers guided side shifting unit. This enables the use of the unit also in hard applications, such as yard operations in timber industry.

To sum up, the easy use and excellent visibility of this versatile model, together with the typical advantages of fork positioner such as operator safety, productivity increase and product damage reduction, offer great benefits to the operator:
• easy fork spread adjustment directly from the lift truck driver seat;
• easier handling of pallets with varying dimensions;
• increased work safety, avoiding driver injuries caused by manual fork moving;
• reduced load and pallet damage;
• faster and more effective operation.

Forklift attachments manufacturer Bolzoni Auramo offers a full range of fork positioners, with lifting capacities from 1.400 kg to 12.000 kg., available in sideshifting and non-sideshifting versions, suitable for use in a variety of industries, for the most various applications.

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